Grants for international research visits 2024
Applications accepted  11.9.-24.11.2023
The grants are meant for both those leaving abroad.
Grants for outgoing researchers are meant to cover family-related expenses, such as travel and accommodation.

Grants available
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Travel grants
Applications accepted continuously.
Travel grants are awarded for international conferences and equivalent events which promote research and make the university better-known.
A favourable statement from the applicant's professor is required.

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Science award                                            
The foundation gives a science award annually to one distinguished researcher.

Science award professors: Marianne Nyström (2007), Juha Pyrhönen (2008), Aki Mikkola (2009), Heikki Haario (2010), Kaisu Puumalainen (2011), Heikki Handroos (2012), Tuure Tuuva (2013), Mika Sillanpää (2014), Kari Ullakko (2015), Mika Mänttäri (2016), Timo Hyppänen (2017), Paavo Ritala (2018), Heikki Kälviäinen (2019), Christian Breyer (2020), Aino Kianto (2021) and Esa Vakkilainen (2022).

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Personal Grants available from 11. September - The Research Foundation of LUT University awards scholarships for outstanding achievements in undergraduate studies, personal grants to post doc researchers (grants of Funds) and grants for international visits to cover costs of family members.
We process grant applications approximately after every two weeks.
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