The foundation welcomes donations from business enterprises and communities to research in any of the university's fields of specialisation. A total of 80% of the donated amount will be designated for the post graduate student/researcher and 10 % of donated amount for research in the same field. The remaining 10% will be allocated to supporting the activity of the university in a way determined annually by foundation board.

Donations between 850 and 50 000 euros to foundations in support of science and/or arts are tax deductible. The foundation will provide the donating community with a certificate for the purpose.

In practice, the donating party provides the foundation with a deed of donation and transfers the funds to the bank account of the foundation. The deed of donation template can be printed from this page.

Private citizens may also make donations or bequests to the foundation or its special funds to support the university's research. The foundation may set up separate funds for considerable donations.

In celebration of a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, private citizens may also request that their friends and loved ones make donations to the foundation’s Celebration Fund. Instructions regarding the Celebration Fund are available from the foundation staff.

DEED OF DONATION  pdf (Finnish)

DEED OF DONATION pdf (English)
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Personal Grants available from 11. September - The Research Foundation of LUT University awards scholarships for outstanding achievements in undergraduate studies, personal grants to post doc researchers (grants of Funds) and grants for international visits to cover costs of family members.
We process grant applications approximately after every two weeks.
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