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The Research Foundation of Lappeenranta University of Technology awards grants for work on Master's theses, dissertations and other research. The foundation annually gives grants amounting to a total of 0,7-1,0 million euros.  

Grants and awards given by the foundation:
  • Scholarships for achievements in undergraduate studies
  • Thesis grants for undergraduate students
  • Dissertation grants
  • Grants for postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers from different funds
  • Science award
  • Travel grants
The foundation awards donation-based thesis grants based on an established policy according to which 80% of the donation is given to students, 10% is reserved for supporting other research in the field and for travel grants, and the remaining 10% is retained by the foundation for other activities, such as grants for international visits and insurance coverage for final theses.

Thesis grants are awarded based on recommendations by professors. The maximum monthly amount paid to Master's thesis students is 1840 euros and for a period of six months the total sum is 11040 euros. These grants are paid in three equal instalments – the first one at the beginning of the work and the third one when it is finished.

Postgraduate studies are supported with personal grants and travel grants.

The foundation gives travel grants to university staff members for travel related to scientific work and personal grants for outstanding achievements in studies. Grants awarded for scientific work are tax exempt income up to the annual state artist grant amount (EUR 20 309,40 in 2017).

Grants and gainful work, other grants and financial aid
The purpose of a grant is to enable research without the need to engage in gainful employment. The grant is meant to cover living expenses. However, part-time (25%) work is possible during the grant period. For example, occasional or regular hourly paid work can be carried out alongside the grant-related work. This will not affect the length of the grant period. The working hours will be calculated at a monthly level. In other words, one month during the grant period may include gainful work amounting to 25% of full-time hours.
Grants may have an impact on different types of financial aid. Further information is available on the web site of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

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We process grant applications approximately after every two weeks.
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